Intensive In-Home

Intensive In-Home (IIH) is a home and community based treatment designed to meet the needs of families who are having a difficult time managing the behavior of a child with a diagnosed mental health need. Alexander Youth Network’s IIH program is just that, “intensive,” in that it provides concentrated treatment to address a current crisis and/or to decrease the risk of a youth being removed from their home. In some cases, a child may have already been removed from their home and IIH can assist with successful reunification with their family.

How does Intensive In-Home Help?
• Assists youth and family/caregivers in identifying and managing triggers, cues and symptoms for problem behaviors.
• Helps reduce problem behaviors by involving key family members in the treatment process.
• Improves the family’s ability to parent a child with behavioral or emotional problems.
• Further develops the family’s communication skills.
• Improves youth’s functioning at home, in school and community settings.

IIH is provided by a team of three professionals consisting of a Licensed Clinician and two Coordinators. Team members meet with the youth and/or family 2-4 times per week providing individual and family therapy, direct interventions for behavioral modification, skill building, and referral/linkage to community resources. Sessions primarily occur in the home but will also occur at community settings (including schools). The length of treatment is 3 to 5 months, with more service provided in the first months to stabilize the home environment

IIH is an effective treatment method for youth ages 3-20 with serious emotional and behavioral problems including:
• Acting out, disruptive and/or aggressive behaviors
• Serious defiant and/or noncompliant behaviors
• Significant behavioral problems in the home or school
• Depression and other severe mood issues
• Runaway behaviors

What is AYN’s Treatment Approach?
IIH develops individualized Person Centered Plans for youth based on results from a clinical assessment along with the youth and family’s input. AYN’s IIH services primarily utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is an evidence-based practice that operates on the basic assumption that thoughts strongly influence feelings and behavior. The IIH team works with the youth and family to identify negative or distorted thoughts contributing to behavioral issues, then employs interventions to change these thoughts into more productive thoughts, resulting in more desirable behaviors. While CBT is our primary treatment modality, we also employ principles from the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics™ (NMT). NMT is a research-based approach that helps staff determine the strengths and vulnerabilities of a child based on their individual past.

The therapist then creates individualized sets of therapeutic activities that match the child’s needs in various domains of functioning (i.e., social, emotional, cognitive and physical). This approach treats the underlying issues which allows a child’s functioning to improve.

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